Gary Novak

Artist Profile: Born and raised in Chicago, Gary Novak was practically born with drum sticks in hand. Coming from parents of great musical talent, it is no wonder that Gary began playing the piano at the tender age of 8. While most musicians find their musical inspiration outside the home, Novak’s influence came from his […]

Rayford Griffin

Artist Profile: Anyone who has ever had the privilege of hearing Rayford Griffin cut loose in one of his notorious drum solos knows they are hearing state of the art percussion. But they soon discover something even more extraordinary. These are more than talking drums; they’re singing. You would swear you hear a verse, a […]

Joel Taylor

Artist Profile: Imagine the phone rings and you’re asked to tour with one of most highly regarded musicians in the business-so far so good, but did I mention there are no charts and no rehearsals oh, and do you really want to know who his previous drummers were? Isn’t it strange how some artists always […]

Oscar Seaton

Artist Profile: One fantastic drummer – Oscar Seaton has played with George Benson, Lee Riteneour, David Garfield, and many many more luminaries. Oscar Seaton has been playing drums since he was five years old. Growing up in Chicago, Oscar’s musical influences included rock, pop, funk, soul and jazz. Oscar has toured with Boz Scaggs and […]