Below are some of the first podcast episodes that are available to our members. The latest podcasts are added to the top.

Larry Goldings is fun. His guest is Anthony Wilson on guitar.
Jeff Richman: Good stuff from Jeff. Shot live in our studio.
Jimmy Reid: Great stuff from Jimmy. Live from BB Kings with Ray ‘The Weeper’ Fuller on guitar.
Rayford Griffin: Here is Rayford Griffin playing live at the Baked Potato.
Mike Miller and his allstars live from the Baked Potato..
David Garfield: always brings the show. Recorded live at Cafe Cordiale.
Mike Garson is incredible! Featuring Joe LaBarbara and Edwin Livingston shot live in our studio.
John Beasley: brings his friends to the table
Frank Gambale: is a 1st call guitarist for the best players.


This will be a listing of all podcasts. It will use PMP shortcode to determine what is shown to the visitor.

Every podcast will be listed here in a different form depending on the membership level. Unregistered users will get a cursory summary of each episode. Subscribers will get a 5-7 minute excerpt pulled from the full version.


with the featured image, a brief description and a link to the actual podcast page. The actual podcast page will contain the player, image, details/links to all the players, and a popoutplayer so the listener can listen while using the rest of the website.

Next up is the great Abe Laborial – one of the greatest bass players of his generation.

it will be laid out somewhat like that of Inside Jazz, but either searchable table to search by dates, artists, or possibly instruments.