Bringing you the best in up-close and personal intimate musical performances with many of the world’s best Studio and Touring musicians.

When you eventually tire of the monolithic content on Youtube, you’ll be ready for a step beyond into the realm of independently-produced original content to satisfy your musical desires. Yes, we are a membership-driven site, but a full 50% of the membership fee goes directly to the artists that appear on our programs.

Instead of you paying to visit the band in a small club, you have the incredible opportunity to see and hear the band in a musical atmosphere that you simply would never experience even if you were there in person. In todays’ world of compromised quality, it’s nice to know that you can enjoy a far superior level of intimacy with the musicians right here. You would never get this close in the real world, and you would never get to hear the high-quality audio of the performance like you do here on Private Studio Sessions.

it’s almost as if you were invited to a live recording session with your favorite musicians – and you get to see them from all different angles and hear their performance with a clarity that you would never get in a live environment.

Our production crew has decades of experience in capturing the top performances across all musical genres; and you get to watch and listen to something heretofore only available on network tv. Your faves – your comfortable listening environment, what more could you want?

Don’t see the musicians you are looking for? Just be patient. Chances are they’ll come online when you least expect it. Our unique approach and access to these superstars allows us to bring you musical excellence in a unique setting that hits all the high points. There is no 2-drink minimum, and you won’t get your car towed! Now how can you beat that!

We’re putting our archives together as you read this, so it won’t be long. We will have special deals for our new members when we move into production, so stay tuned for future announcements. Please consider becoming a Premium Member to gain unfettered access to these one-of-a-kind performances. With growing archives and a fully-equipped studio, we are constantly adding new shows to our inventory of some of the very best live musical performances.

– The Management