PSS Artist Agreement

This Agreement is between Tim Pinch (Producer) and _____________________ (Artist) agreed to on: (Date) _______________.

Artist: _________________________ represents that they have the right to enter into this agreement on behalf of all performing musicians.

The purpose of this agreement is to provide the framework for the partnership formed to produce exclusive content for the Membership site Private Studio Sessions.

The exclusive content produced is in both Audio and Video format. The Agreement forms a partnership between the Producer and the Artist to create content to be distributed via Streaming, Podcasting in conjunction with Private Studio Sessions (PSS) and future affiliates and partners.

PSS will actively seek out any and all means of partnering with websites, platforms, and any form of syndication which can be used to derive revenue.

Producer and Artist will divide the net revenue 50/50 on an ongoing basis.

Participating Artists and Musicians will receive a lifetime free membership to the PSS website.

Artist will perform a minimum of 1 hour of original music and grant producer all Audio and Video rights to that music. Music must be original, or contrafact, or public domain – free of PRO jurisdiction – it must belong to the Artist.

Artist may rehearse any time prior to the recording session provided we have the time available.

Artist agrees to an informal long-form interview at the Bar.

Artist agrees to use all of their social media platforms to promote their appearance.

Producer will retain ownership of the master files subject to the agreement.

The shows are completely private and invitation-only, so they won’t interfere with any other live performance dates or obligations.

Artist receives up to a 3-minute video promo of their Episode for use on their website and social media to promote their appearance on PSS. The Promo will be in standard mp4 format.

Artist agrees to promote their appearance on PSS.

Producer agrees to mix all audio and edit all video to create a professional production. All editing and mixing is done in-house.

Artist agrees to participate in an un-hosted interview shot at the Bar in our studio. Excerpts from the interview will be included in the published Episode.

Excerpts will be used to promote the Episode on a variety of platforms which may include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media and syndication platforms as well as the PSS website.

Episodes may be made available in both Audio and Video formats.

Excerpts may be combined with other Episodes to form a “Best-Of” compilation.

Compensation is based on the number of minutes viewed by PSS Premium Members. We take the total number of viewing minutes divided by the number of Premium Members to calculate the amount before the split.

Podcast viewing is calculated differently since we can’t track the plays from a downloaded podcast. We calculate a Podcast as a full play of the entire podcast when it is downloaded.


How do we calculate revenue?

We can track the number of plays/streams or number of minutes viewed through Vimeo.

We can track the number of Podcast downloads or minutes in length of the Episode, but we don’t know how many plays there are of a downloaded podcast. If a Premium Member subscribes to the podcast, then they will automatically download every podcast we publish regardless of the Artist.

We have Visitor Promotional Podcasts that can be viewed/listened to online, as well as downloaded. We do not count Promotional Views or Promo Podcasts as they are telescoped versions of a full Episode.

  • Provide details and explanations.
  • Describe revenue breakdown.
  • Explain free promo video.
  • Detail parameters for acceptable content. It is our determination.